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Lump and Pablo Picasso

'Pablo Picasso owned many dogs but Lump was the only one he took in his arms'. When American photographer David Douglas Duncan visited Picasso on April 19th 1957, he took along his dachshund Lump 'for the ride'. Lump, which means rascal in German, immediately decided this would be his new home. Picasso was equally entranced by the self-assured little dog. As Lump did not get on well with Davids other dog, an Afghan Hound called Kubla Khan, he happily left Lump in his new luxurious surroundings. That day Picasso did his first portrait of the dog who went onto feature in much of his work. Between Aug 17 and Dec 30, 1957, Lump featured in 15 of 44 studies in the Meninas series. For six years Lump led an idyllic life until he succumbed to a serious spinal problem and with no cure available David took him back to be nursed. In April 1973 Lump died one week before Picasso.


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