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Checkers and Richard Nixon

A black and white cocker Spaniel reputed to have saved Richard Nixons political career in 1952. The small pup was gifted to Nixon and travelled all the way from Texas in a crate by train. He was collected at Baltimore Station by the Nixon family. Nixons 6 year old daughter Tricia named him Checkers due to his black and white patches.
When a furore erupted over gifts and benefits Nixon had been given he retaliated with the now famous 'Checkers Speech' he gave on 23rd September 1952.
Quite simply, he laid his finances bare to an American public, but stated categorically he was not giving the dog back! This endeared him to all and sealed his political fate. Checkers lived with the Nixons until his death in 1964.

Breed:Cocker Spaniel

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