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Pippin and Audrey Hepburn

In 1958 when Audrey Hepburn was working on the film 'Green Mansions' she had a co-star of a small fawn. The on-set animal trainer suggested she took the fawn home to bond with it. Audrey was so taken with Pippin the fawn, who she called Ip, she adopted her.
Audrey was married to mel Ferrer at the time and they made a bed for Pipin out of an old bathtub.
Pippin went everywhere with her and Beverley Hills was the perfect place for the deer to follow its mistress around the shops without anyone turning a hair.
The deer would take naps with Audry and follow her everywhere she went.
Audrey also had a small dog, a yorkshire terrier called Mr Famous and he and Pippin would play together.

Breed:Fallow deer

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