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Pie and James Stewart

James Stewarts favourite horse, and his most consistant co-star of 22 years, was a horse called Pie.
Although it was with great regret he was never able to own the horse, Pie was a constant friend throughout his life. Pie appeared with Jimmy in 17 movies and was a natural with the camera. There was a natural affinity between the horse and Jimmy and anything the director wanted the horse to do, Jimmy would simply tell the horse what was required and Pie would oblige.
Pie belonged to an old horse wrangler who gave him to his daughter. He was known to be headstrong and fiesty, being part Arabian, but as Jimmy said "I liked this darned little horse. I got to know him like a friend"
Two days before Pie died Jimmy was given a watercolour of the horse which he treasured and kept in his library.

Breed:Part Arabian

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