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SCARLETT - Blaze heroine

On March 30th 1996 firemen responded to a call and quickly extinguished a fire in an abandoned garage in Brooklyn.U.S.A. One of the firefighters, David Giannelli then noticed a cat carrying a kitten out of the garage. The cat was seriously burned with fire damage to her ears, feet and coat. Her face hair was almost completely burnt off and her eyes blistered shut. But one by one she ferried her kittens out of the garage and to safety. Five kittens in all. After saving them all she was seen to touch each kitten in turn with her nose, before collapsing unconscious.
Giannelli took the intact family to a veterinarian where they were nursed and "spoiled rotten" Unfortunately the weakest kitten, a white one, died a month after the fire. After three months of nursing Scarlett and her kittens were well enough to be adopted. During this time the story had attracted worlwide news coverage and letters poured in, over 7,000 in all, offering to adopt the felines. Eventually homes were chosen and the kittens were adopted in pairs while Scarlett went to live with Karen Wellen, who was recovering from a traffic accident. Scarlett needed ongoing nursing but she led a happy life until succumbing to multiple illnesses at the age of 13 years old in 2008.


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