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RIN TIN TIN - Hollywood Star

On September 15th 1918, American Corporal Lee Duncan, checked out a bombed dog kennel in Lorraine France, during WWI. He found a Mother GSD and her litter of 5 day old puppies. Duncan chose two of the puppies to keep and ironically these were the only two to survive over the next few months. He named them Rin Tin Tin and Nanette after puppets given to soldiers for luck. Duncan worked training the dogs and gained knowledge of the breed from the German Kennel master who had been captured. Both pups returned with him to the U.S.A but during the 15 day journey Nanette became ill with distemper and died. Duncan began to show Rin Tin Tin at shows. In Feb 1922 the dog astounded everyone by being able to jump 11 feet 9 inches. Rin Tin Tin was filmed and Duncan realised there was a future for him, in films. However, they were turned down by every major studio. That is until he convinced a fledgling company, Warner Brothers to include Rin Tin Tin in their film 'Man from Hells River' as the dog "could do it in one take" and he did. The film was a hit and Rin Tin Tin a sensation, going onto star in 26 films for them. He saved the studio from bankruptcy and was known as "the mortgage lifter" At the peak of his career he received 10,000 fan letters a week and was a top Hollywood star. Rin Tin Tin died unexpectedly Friday 10th August 1932 and was due to begin filming on the Monday. Duncan had him returned to his country of birth in 1934, and buried in the Paris Pet Cemetery.


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