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HAM - Space chimp

Ham the chimp was the first hominid launched into outerspace.
Up until his successful flight he was simply called #65. To appeal to the public he was named Ham, after the Holloman Aerospace Medical Centre.
Captured in Cameroon he was purchased by the United States Air Force and brought to their Air base in 1959.
The two year old chimp was taught simple tasks such as pushing a lever within five seconds. Failure to do so would result in an electric shock to his feet, whilst a correct response would earn him a banana pellet. The original 40 Space chimpanzees were whittled down to 6 and eventually Ham or #65 was chosen.
Unlike previous chimp flights Ham actually had to perform tasks during the flight.
On 31st January 1961 Ham was launched from Cape Canaveral into outer space. Although the cabin suffered a loss of pressure Hams space suit prevented him from serious harm.
The complete flight took 16 minutes and 39 seconds. Ham suffered a bruised nose.
After his adventures Ham lived for 17 years at the National Zoo in Washington and then North Carolina Zoo. He appeared occassionally on television before he died aged 26 in 1983.


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