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SAM - The Unsinkable Cat

A remarkable little cat who certainly made use of his nine lives.
Sam survived the sinking of three destroyers during his lifetime.
The black and white cat belonged to an unknown crewman and was stationed on the German battleship Bismark. He was on board 18th May 1941 when the ship set sail. After a fierce battle on the 27th May 1941 the Bismark sunk. Sam was susequently rescued alongwith 115 crew by the HMS Cossack. Unaware of his name they called him Oscar.
He served on board HMS Cossack until she was badly damaged by torpeodo fire. 159 crew were killed and the ship sank on the 27th October 1941, but the little cat again survived.
Now nicknamed 'Unsinkable Sam' he was transferred to HMS Ark Royal. However he found no luck there and the ship was torpedoed on 14th Novemeber 1941.
The survivors including Sam were found clinging to a plank. Sam was described as 'angry but quite unharmed'
The loss of Ark Royal proved the end of his sea career. Sam was transferred to the Governor offices in Gibraltar and then sent home to the U.K where he lived in a seamans home in Belfast. Sam survived the remainder of the war and died of old age in 1955.

Breed:Black and white

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