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The most famous story of a dogs devotion to his owner, in life and in death. Bobby was a skye terrier who belonged to John Gray. John had moved to Edinburgh in 1850 with his wife and son. Unable to find work as a gardener he joined the Edinburgh Police Force as a night watchman. To accompany him trudging around the cobbled streets he took Bobby, and the two became a familiar sight. Unfortunately the years on the streets took their toll with John and he died of turberculosis on 15th Feb 1858. Little Bobby was distraught at the loss of his Master and refused to leave his grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard. On many occasions the Keeper of Greyfriars tried to evict Bobby but to no avail. Eventually he erected a small shelter next to Johns grave for Bobby to use. Fame of the little dog soon spread throughout Edinburgh, and at 1pm a crowd would gather at the gateway of the Kirkyard. Every day at one o'clock, a gun would sound, and the little dog would leave the Kirkyard and follow William Dow, a joiner, to a coffee house. It was here he used to frequent with his dead master and now they provided Bobby with a daily meal. In 1867 a law was passed stating all dogs had to be licensed or they would be destroyed. This spelt the end of 'Greyfriars Bobby' as he had become known. But Sir William Chambers who was The Lord Provost of Edinburgh decided to pay for Bobbys licence. Bobby was presented with a collar with a brass inscription which read "Greyfriars Bobby from The Lord Provost 1867 licensed". For 14 years Greyfriars Bobby kept a constant vigil over his Masters grave until he died in 1872. The President of the Ladies Commitee of the RSPCA, the highly esteemed Baroness Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, was so deeply moved by the little dogs story she had a granite fountain and sculpture of the dog erected opposite the Kirkyard in Novemebr 1873. Bobbys collar can still be seen in Edinburgh Museum.

Breed:Skye Terrier

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