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SUN YAT SEN - Titanic Survivor Dog

Wednesday 10th April 1912 was the fateful day that the 'Unsinkable' Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

There were a number of dogs on board, possibly thirteen with their owners, and there was talk of a dog show being held on board the ship.

Henry Sleeper Harper aged 48 and his wife Myra aged 49 had high hopes for their pekingese dog Sun yat sen - but fate intervened.

When the ship struck the iceberg on 14th April1912 it took 2 hours forty minutes to sink. Sun yat sen was taken aboard lifeboat 3 with Henry Sleeper Harper, his wife, and manservant and became one of only three very lucky dogs who survived the sinking.

In all 1,517 people perished.

In 2012 the 100th Anniversary of that tragic day will be commemorated worldwide.


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