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ELSA - Lioness

The famous lioness immortalised in Joy Adamsons book Born Free.

George and Joy Adamson lived in Kenya during the 1950's.

Whilst out on safari, George was attacked by a lioness protecting her cubs. He reluctantly had to kill her and took the three cubs under his protection.

He kept the one they called Elsa, but her two sisters were sent to rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands.

They raised Elsa and Joy wrote her life story and the book and subsequent film 'Born Free' made Elsa famous.

After she was released she returned to show them her three cubs, Gopa, Jespah and little Elsa.

Elsa died in 1961 at the age of five years suffering from a rare blood disease, similar to malaria, called babeosiosis.

Living Free and Forever Free were further books that endeared her to millions.


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