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BAMSE - St Bernard

A Beloved Hero of World War 2.
Bamse was a very large St Bernard Dog. He was stationed on board the Norwegian minesweeper, THORODD at Montrose in Scotland during the second World War.
He liked to drink beer and soon made friends with his Scottish neighbours.
Taking the bus he would travel, unaccompanied, to round up the Norwegian sailors from the pub and return them to the ship.
During the War, Bamse saved the lives of at least two sailors and his heroic exploits made him so famous that he was appointed mascot for all three Norwegian Armed forces. A book has also been written about him.
He died in 1944. Six ship loads of sailors, flocked to his funeral parade. A National Hero in Norway Bamse was buried on Montrose sand dunes.
A statue of Bamse has been erected in Montrose harbour in Scotland.

Breed:St Bernard

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