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GUY - The Gorilla

On Guy Fawkes night, the fifth of November 1946, weighing just 23 pounds and clutching a small tin hot water bottle, a baby gorilla arrived at london Zoo. They named him Guy.
He was a Western Lowland Gorilla, a silverback, and had been captured in the French Cameroones.
He grew to weigh 35 stone (500 pounds) standing 5 foot 4 inches tall with an arm span of 9 feet.
He was London Zoos most famous resident and was famed for his gentle nature. When small birds flew into his enclosure he would life them up in his enormous hands and examine them before gently releasing them.
Their was world wide sorrow when he died in 1978.
After his death it took nine months of work until his stuffed body could be displayed at the Natural History Museum in 1982. From 2006 he now resides at the Weston Park Museum at Sheffield in England.
A bronze statue was erected to commemorate him in London Zoos Barclay Court


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