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HACHIKO - Japans Symbol of Loyalty

Hachiko was a white Akita dog born in Japan in 1923. At 8 weeks old he went to live with his new owner Dr Eisaburo Euno who was a Professor of Agriculture. Each morning the Professor would leave for work and walk to Shibuya Station. Hachiko began to meet him at the station each evening. This routine continued for 18 months until 21/05/25 when the professor suffered a heart attack and never returned. Hachiko was found new owners but he kept returning to the station each evening waiting for the professor. Commuters started to notice the dog and he became a well known face and passengers began bringing him food. An article was written about him in 1933 and published in Japans biggest newspaper the ASAHI SHINBUN. The dog became a national sensation. Parents and teachers held Hachiko up as an example for children to follow.He became a national symbol of loyalty. A bronze statue was erected to him outside the station in 1933 and Hachiko was guest of honour. He was found dead in 1935. A Japanese movie was made about him in 1987. A Hollywood film starring Richard Gere was released in 2009.


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