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DOLLY - The Cloned Sheep

Dolly The Sheep was a scientific sensation.
She was the first cloned mammal to be created from an adult cell.
She was born and lived at the famous Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh.
Dolly ( so named after Dolly Parton) became a media star and scientific wonder.
However, she suffered from premature ageing which caused great debate about the pros and cons of cloning.
She was bred with a Welsh Mountain Ram and her first born, Bonnie, was born in 1998.
Twins followed the next year and triplets the following year.
At 3.30pm on valentines day in 2003 it was decided to put Dolly down. She was suffering from a progressive lung disease. She was 6 years old.
Dolly is currently on display in the Connect Gallery at the National Museum of Scotland.


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