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Fred Wharton

Fred could not fly. He came to us after being badly abused and was nearly bald. He was such a character. Once he learnt to trust us, his vocabulary skills were astounding. He could mimic the dogs, cats and different members of the family. The postman once had a long conversation through the window, with Fred, thinking it was my Mother!.
Freds feathers never grew back and he would waddle around like a cheeky penguin, dancing to the music on the radio.
I like to think here in the Enchanted Garden Fred could at last get his one wish and swoop and fly up in the stars. Darting through the tree tops with sunbeams and the shimmering fairies. Have fun Fred.

Date Born:01/01/1937
Date Died:01/01/1986
Breed:African Grey Parrot

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