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Uploading Photographs

Typically, photographs taken directly from a digital camera are very large, so are very well suited to printing.

Web sites, however, only need very small images. This is because they don't need to be big to be seen clearly on a screen, and also big file sizes take longer to load in a web site.

This is why we ask that you prepare your images before uploading them to the site.

Maximum Size
Please resize your photo's to no more than 1024 x 768 pixels, and make sure each photo file is no more than 300KB in size.

How do I Resize my Photos?
If you use a digital camera, you would probably have received some image editing software on a CD. Check the Help section for advice on image resizing (which sets the Pixels) and Optimising (which sets the file size).

If you don't have any image editing software, you can download some free utilities:

Windows XP - Image Resizer
(For Windows XP Only)

VSO Image Resizer
(For Windows Vista Only)

Please Note:
Please note that these links are to 3rd party companies, and so we have no control over the contents of their web sites or their software.



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