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Welcome to Pets4ever

Losing an animal seems very abrupt.
And it is difficult, often impossible to find a sympathetic ear who understands your grief.
Of course it can sometimes hurt to remember......but the tragedy would be in forgetting those special memories.
These heartfelt tributes in our Gardens celebrate the joy that special pets have brought.

We created nine beautiful REMEMBRANCE GARDENS.
Here in these Gardens the flowers forever bloom, the waters run clear, the snow never melts yet the Sun always shines.

Each one of our themed gardens has unique qualities.
BLUEBELL WOODS enjoy a quiet walk through the sun dappled bluebells.
MOUNT OLYMPUS marvel at its glory . ENCHANTED GARDEN explore its mysteries NEVER ENDING CHRISTMAS revel in the innocence and joy.
THE PARK where you often walked.
WATER GARDEN watch its cascade. FLOWER GARDEN changeable throughtout the year.
MOUNTAIN GARDEN a breathtaking experience and
THE HIDDEN GARDEN full of surprises.

Famous Animals ,Celebrities Pets & Homeless, Unloved & Forgotten Animals.

WORLD PET CEMETERIES shows how love & affection for animals is not confined to one or two countries

Read EPITAPHS and realise how animals have always been held in high esteem by their grieving owners.

We hope you find this a rewarding and inspiring experience.

Let the memories live on".




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For Stanley and Fitz